Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dare Dorm Video Ice Ice Ladies

What happens when a group of sexy college coeds throw a lingerie party that includes an ice luge? The result is this Dare Dorm video. This video features an ice sculpture with everybody taking turns chugging lots of alcohol. Did I mention they are wearing sexy lingerie while doing this? This is just the beginning of this excellent video. Once the alcohol kicks in and the girls are completely drunk, the sexy lingerie comes off. The guys immediately step into action to take advantage of the girls. Each guy gets a piece and will make you wish you were there with them.

With everybody hot and horny and ready to go from the alcohol, it turns into an all night rager sex fest. The girls leave nothing to the imagination and turn to each other for some pleasure with us watching the whole time. The guys can't help themselves and join in. These are the luckiest guys on campus.

These college girls are bangin'. They are skinny, have great bodies and breasts, and are down to have a good time. I personally liked the short black haired girl. She can definitely show you a thing or two. Unfortunately I'll never get to bang her, but atleast I get to watch her on video. This video will make your cock so hard you won't know what to do with yourself. This video is well worth the $10,000 that Dare Dorm payed them.

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Dare Dorm Video Get In

This college couple found out that there hasn't been anal performed on Dare Dorm before. They decided to change that and submitted this video. This lucky guy gets to go where few guys have gone before, inside their girls' ass.

This adventurous couple does everything in their power to win the $10,000 Dare Dorm video prize. They really take things to a new level when this amazingly hot girl gives a sexy strip tease that is sure to make your cock hard. When she gets down on her knees to please, you can't help but put your cock in your hand. The blowjob scene is one of the best blowjob scenes that Dare Dorm has thus far. They don't hold anything back. Once the great blowjob is done, it's time for the boyfriend to slide his rock hard man junk into his girls' ass.

This is one of the hottest girls you will see on Dare Dorm. Skinny with great breasts and a beautiful face. You will wish you were her boyfriend. Not many girlfriends are willing to get you hard with a strip tease, a blowjob, and then anal. This is the best kind of girlfriend! Since you'll never be her boyfriend, the best you can do is watch this video.

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Dare Dorm Video Crossing Lips

If your dorm room is in the Midwest and there is nothing to do, what do you do? Nothing is better than getting a bunch of girls drunk so that you can play some sexual card games. And that is what happens in this Dare Dorm video. This video is full of drinking, sexy games, and lots of down and dirty sex.

To get the night started, these college coeds get loose by heavily drinking. The sexy card games get these girls' nerves loosed as surely they know they are about to engage in an all night wild sex orgy. As they start to play the drinking games, the action just outside the drinking game starts to get hot and heavy as well. What happens is some of the best girl on girl action you'll see. Including threesomes and everything else you can imagine. These coeds know how to party and luckily they filmed it all for our viewing pleasure.

These girls are smoking hot too. Nice skinny bodies and great breasts. These girls know how to party. Taking a cock as far down their throats as possible is not out of the question either. Same with running their breasts on all of the guys' bodies. This video will make your cock so stiff you won't have anything else to do but explode. Luckily for you, you get to watch all of this on video.

Definitely a 10 out of 10 video and well worth the $10,000 they were paid for their video submission.

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